The taste of distant exotic lands, always at your fingertips.

Tea is our joy and our mission. Our brand, ccha™, is proof. Each package offers a singular journey in search of the most interesting flavours and aromas from the world of tea. Our authentic teas come from highly respected tea-growing provinces of China. The only exception is a rare, delicate tea from Nepal that adds a special touch to our unique selection.

Original, naturally high quality

Picked and prepared by hand, our teas offer aa perfect symbiosis of quality, purity, and perfection. We carefully select only the best, mostly organic ingredients for every one of our teas and tea, herb, spice, or flower blends. Naturally, we give preference to everything that is real and authentic.

Packed with care and respect

We also take great care when it comes to packaging – our transparent hand-stitched teabags let you clearly see the tea’s structure. Moreover, they are made of biodegradable material because a considerate approach to nature is also one of the core principles behind the tradition of tea picking and processing. Our loose teas come in easy to close tins that perfectly protect their natural aroma.

A brand-new tea story

Even the smallest tealeaf thus has an interesting and unique story. A story that we’ve reflected in every one of our exceptional teas under the ccha™ brand. Because our aim is to bring you only the very best and to help develop contemporary tea culture in a sensitive manner.

Because we believe that you deserve the best.